This powerful CURRENT can help you evaluate equity funds. Will DSP Quant fund withstand the current?

A simple yet effective C.U.R.R.E.N.T framework for evaluating equity funds..Read on

Debt Funds – Revisiting the framework

The best part about having frameworks is that it allows you to go back and check if it really worked and based on the feedback you can evolve and improve it. A few years back I had shared my debt fund evaluation framework here: Credit funds – Don’t count your returns before they hatch (Link)Here’s why … Continue reading Debt Funds – Revisiting the framework


Decoding Insurance Plans as investment options

Two days back, I had the shock of my life. My younger brother who has just started to work, has been mis-sold on a useless insurance plan in the guise of investments. Arghhhh. While I am stuck in my own world trying to solve for behavioral issues, asset allocation blah blah, I just realised there … Continue reading Decoding Insurance Plans as investment options