Investment Basics

  1. Great Expectations!! (Link)
  2. Mind Your Inflation (Link)
  3. Why the odds are against you when it comes to good financial advice (Link)

Financial Plan

  1. See how easily you can create your own financial plan in 15 minutes (Link)
  2. A simple trick to estimate your future costs in 2 minutes (Link)
  3. Create your own financial plan while you are waiting at the traffic signal (Link)

Fixed Deposits

  1. Fixed Deposits – What you see is not what you get!! (Link)
  2. The real truth about fixed deposits (Link)

Debt funds

  1. Debt Mutual Funds – What returns to expect (Link)
  2. A primer for investing in debt mutual funds (Link)
  3. 8 factor framework for analyzing any debt mutual fund (Link)
  4. Investing Chitra Katha – Understanding the impact of modified duration on debt fund returns (Link)
  5. The ultimate guide to liquid funds (Link )
  6. Here’s a quick way to select Ultra Short Term Funds (Link )
  7. Making sense of Short Term Debt Mutual Funds (Link)
  8. Credit funds – Don’t count your returns before they hatch (Link)
  9. Here’s why I don’t invest in credit funds (Link)
  10. Figuring out a simple do-it-yourself framework for short term investing (Link)
  11. Making sense of the recent fall in debt funds (Link)
  12. Evaluating Debt Funds – Revisiting the framework (Link)
  13. This Might Be The Scariest Thing You Heard About Credit Risk Funds..(Link)
  14. Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund – Lessons on Risk and Returns (Link)

Arbitrage Funds

  1. Arbitrage Funds – Behind The Returns (Link)
  2. Do you know the answer to the arbitrage funds vs debt funds debate Link


  1. Gold Returns – Making sense of history (Link)
  2. Gold Returns – my futile attempt at predicting the future (Link)


  1. Equity Investing – Getting the basics in place (Link)
  2. Equity Investing – Importance of time (Link)
  3. Equities – Dismantling the returns (Link)
  4. A layman’s guide to equity valuation (Link)
  5. Equity Investing – Just two things to remember (Link)
  6. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Indian equity investor (Link)
  7. What returns will I get from equities going forward? – Part 1 (Link)
  8. What returns will I get from equities going forward? – Part 2 (Link)
  9. What returns will I get from equities going forward? – Part 3 (Link)
  10. 5 Blind Men and the equity markets – (Link)
  11. “What if things go wrong” Investment Plan – (Link)
  12. My “What if things go wrong”Investment Plan – Part 2 (Link)
  13. Seat Belts, Condoms and the Indian Equity Investor (Link)
  14. And the award for the world’s best risk manager goes to.. (Link)
  15. A visual way to think about future equity returns (Link)
  16. Dude, Shall I reduce my equity exposure? (Link)
  17. In search of the holy grail – Exit at the top and enter at the bottom strategy (Link)
  18. This strange ritual of Japanese rail workers can help us evaluate equity markets (Link)
  19. A video game approach to managing money (Link)
  20. Past returns as an asset allocation strategy. Here comes the shocker. It works! (Link)

Equity Mutual Funds

  1. How to select the best equity mutual fund (Link)
  2. Equity Mutual Fund Selection – Process vs Outcome (Link)
  3. Practical Guide to Equity MF selection – Part 1 (Link)
  4. Practical Guide to Equity MF selection – Part 2 (Link)
  5. The Most Boring article about falling in love with a mutual fund (Link)
  6. The curious case of the “Top 5” fund investor (Link)
  7. The curious case of the “Top 5” fund investor – Part 2 (Link)
  8. The mystery of short term past performance versus future equity fund returns (Link)
  9. Evaluating equity mutual fund returns – from theory to practice (Link)
  10. Selecting an equity mutual fund is a pain in the neck! Find out why? (Link)
  11. What if Steve Jobs was an Indian Equity Investor (Link)
  12. How do we experience good performance (Link)
  13. How to select equity mutual funds the eighty twenty investor way – Part 1 (Link)
  14. How to select equity mutual funds the eighty twenty investor way – Part 2 (Link)
  15. How to select equity mutual funds the eighty twenty investor way – Part 3 (Link)
  16. Here’s how I finally set up my investment portfolio for the next 10 years (Link)
  17. A shocking rape, alternate histories and equity investing (Link)
  18. What no one told you about the mind blowing mid and small cap returns (Link)
  19. Investing Chitra Katha – How to invest money in your 30s (Link)
  20. Remember this before the next bear market arrives (Link)
  21. You’ve got a large amount to invest. Here’s everything you need to know.. (Link)
  22. Becoming a Long term Investor, One Short term Decision at a Time (Link)
  23. Knowing your Risk won’t save your Portfolio in the next market fall. But this will.. (Link)
  24. There is many a SLIP between the SIP and the LIP (Link)
  25. Sleepless Nights framework to evaluate returns (Link)
  26. This powerful current can help you evaluate equity funds. Will DSP Quant Fund withstand the current? (Link)
  27. Elevators, Asset Allocation and the invisible fund (Link)
  28. Enduring Long Term investing one movie at a time (Link)
  29. What if Elon Musk built equity mutual fund portfolios instead of rockets? (Link)

SIP in Equities

  1. SIP in Equities – Don’t forget the hidden lump sum component (Link)
  2. Long term SIP is not risk free, yet you can workaround it (Link)
  3. SIP Portfolio Review (Link)
  4. My SIP Portfolio Review 1 year (Link)

Know your Fund Manager

  1. Sankaran Naren – The Contrarian (Link)

Real Estate

  1. Don’t even think about real estate without reading this (Link)
  2. Real Estate, My Mom and Mr Charlie Munger (Link)

Behavioral Finance

  1. The Secret war on your savings has already begun (Link)
  2. A pigeon from the 1950’s has the answer to your facebook addiction (Link)
  3. A deep dive into variable rewards (Link)
  4. The secret techniques app designers use to get us addicted (Link)
  5. Discover 6 simple hacks to reduce time spent on social media (Link)
  6. Secret to Long term investing – “See me not” (Link)
  7. The next time you see an awesome ad ask these 6 questions – Your “Aha” moment is guaranteed! (Link)
  8. Mental Models – Authority Bias (Link)
  9. This behavioral scientist has the surprising answer to our spending habits (Link)
  10. Oops, the markets are falling – Spying into investor behavior – Part 1 (Lizard brain) (Link)
  11. Oops, the markets are falling – Spying into investor behavior – Part 2 (Loss Aversion, frequent monitoring, Pattern Seeking and Cognitive Dissonance) (Link)
  12. My wife banned me from driving a bike – musings of a behavioral finance victim (Link)
  13. When in doubt follow others syndrome (Link)
  14. 6 reasons why we panic during a market correction 6 reasons why we panic during a market correction
  15. Three ways to make sure this stock market correction is not wasted (Link)
  16. If you panic during a market fall it’s not your fault. Blame it on.. (Link)
  17. A guilty father who shot his own kid, ancient Greek philosophers, US Navy Seals and the art of handling a market fall (Link)
  18. This FISH can help you save money (Link)
  19. Your next beach trip has the secret to the next market crash (Link)
  20. Worried about the next bear market – Introducing the courageous investor movement (Link)
  21. Three unexpected lessons on Risk from the Indian roads (Link)
  22. The next bear market is arriving on.. (Link)
  23. How to Approach the Current Equity Market Decline? (Link)
  24. Ordered food from Zomato and to my surprise, discovered how to survive the bear market (Link)
  25. Should you exit equities now and enter later? (Link)
  26. Eighty Twenty Investor and the Bear Market (Link)
  27. Should I exit Equities (Link)


  1. Musings under the shower series: Lottery Linked equity mutual funds (Link)


  1. Decoding Insurance Plans as investment options (Link)

Articles at FundsIndia

  1. Taking Advantage of Volatility (Link)
  2. How to make the most of stock market declines (Link)
  3. Why Equity SIP Investors Can No Longer Ignore this Significant Question (Link)
  4. Experiencing long term investing, one short term period at a time (Link)
  5. Equity Markets near an all-time high. But why did Little Albert cry? (Link)
  6. Large Cap Funds – It ain’t over till it’s over (Link)
  7. Debt Mutual Funds – Portfolio Construction Framework (Link)
  8. US, Iran and your Portfolio. What happens next? (Link)
  9. Sensex at 1 lakh (Link)
  10. An Unusual Portfolio Approach to Deal with Coronavirus (Link)
  11. Things No One Tells You About ‘Exit Now and Enter Later’ strategy (Link)
  12. This Happens! (Link)
  13. Things under our control (Link)
  14. 6 reasons why you shouldn’t exit now (Link)
  15. What will happen to markets? Your maths teacher has the answer..(Link)
  16. How to Invest in the Current Markets? (Link)
  17. Should you wait till things settle down? (Link)