My SIP Portfolio Review

I have been running a live SIP portfolio of Rs 30,000 per month since Aug-2018 with the intent of motivating you to start yours. You can find the details here I had planned to do a review every six months. But due to my brother's marriage recently and some other unexpected commitments, I couldn't stick … Continue reading My SIP Portfolio Review

There is many a SLIP between the SIP and the LIP

The new SIP culture.. One of the best things to have happened in recent times, is the advent of new fintech firms like Kuvera, Paytm Money, Scripbox etc. These folks are doing a great job and hopefully should be able to build the culture of monthly savings into equities (read as SIP) for the rest … Continue reading There is many a SLIP between the SIP and the LIP

This FISH can help you save money

Recently I have noticed a strange pattern. My impulse spends have started to increase dramatically.Almost once, every three days, I order something from Swiggy at midnight (though I have had my dinner!). There are many things that I have bought from Amazon which I hardly use. My wardrobe is expanding perennially, thanks to no-reason sales … Continue reading This FISH can help you save money