Should you exit equities now and enter later?

Given my futile timing experiments in the past, I had understood that getting out of the markets to sidestep a fall and re-entering back just before the recovery, was far more difficult than it looks.

Obviously I had started communicating it to my clients. But somehow since most of them hadn’t experienced it firsthand, they weren’t convinced 100%.

I don’t blame them.

Given the way the media and a lot of experts communicate, there is always a feeling that someone out there knows on how the event will unfold.

No one can time the market is a reality which all of us will eventually learn. Mostly the hard way.

So the question for me was, how do I help you out without you needing to go through the trouble of few bad experiences.

To be honest, while I understood the ‘difficulty of timing’ intuitively, I didn’t know the exact reason why it was difficult?

That is when I decided to look at all the past market declines more than 20%.

When I looked at all of them, I had my ‘Eureka’ moment.

A pattern started emerging which was exactly the same across each and every fall.

Despite each and every fall having a different reason, different magnitude and time frame, the behavior of equity markets was exactly the same across all of them.

Curious to find out the pattern?

Read the article in detail here

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