Investing Chitra Katha: How to invest money in your 30s

This is my investing strategy..

1.Faith in equities

The real equity return was positive in every country, typically at a level of 3% to 6% per year. Equities were the best-performing asset class everywhere.

The Indian version of the same book..

2. Your faith will be regularly tested..

3.Discipline to invest regularly

Jadav created an entire forest single handedly, spreading across 1,360 acres.
The forest contains several thousand varieties of trees and has attracted elephants, rhinos, deer, wild boars, reptiles, vultures, and Royal Bengal tigers. 

A simple monthly investment in equities done consistently through market ups and downs over a long period can create a similar magic!


5.The power of compounding

6.Focus on 2-4 good funds

7.Choose experienced fund managers

8.Lower Costs – Choose Direct plans

9. Initial 10-15 years, financial capital is a small portion relative to future human capital => Focus on saving more and maximizing equity allocation

Asset Allocation, Market timing etc can wait till your financial capital reaches a reasonable size relative to human capital!

10.Automate the whole process

You can track the progress of the above strategy here

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6 thoughts on “Investing Chitra Katha: How to invest money in your 30s

  1. Hi Arun,

    This is a beautiful post.

    I am looking for a experienced financial adviser/planner.

    Do you recommend anyone?


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